Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Via London comes Estelle...

I first came by her in '05 with the single "1980", co-written by Lauren Hill. Check the vid below...the hook has Hill written all over it:

Well wouldn't you know it, Kan-yeeze hooks up with her and the result is below:

Dig the downtempo-club beat and girl can sing...

W2 needs a coat like Kan.


W2 said...

Wu Tang Clan aint nothing I am just playing. That bubble gum tastes good. KWest is having too much fun. Good Times.

C's will get the Cavs tonight by 5 or so being down Z (who hurts them) and Sasha.


jack said...

...and its you, K
droppin beats in the UK
I must admit I'm a group-ay
Will you be my American boy?

K West in '08, long live the Chi