Friday, February 15, 2008

All Star Weekend

Here at APT we like food, art, music, film, gear, travel, politics, snow, but mostly the NBA. Toine, Baron, Hubie, Chuck, Sheed, Mock Turtle Necks, Bad Ties, Terrible Trades, Ridiculous Shots. It all starts tonight.

Friday: 9PM Rookie-Sophomore Game ft. Portland's Brandon Roy

Saturday: 8PM Dunk Contest ft. Orlando's Dwight Howard

Saturday: 8PM 3 Point Shot ft. Beer Leaguer Jason Kappono

Sunday: 8PM East vs. West ft. Detroit(Basketball's) Rasheed Wallace!

The Ball Don't Lie!


Live from APT said...

Nice Bonzi/Sheed post...

B Roy is for sure the man...

El Manicero said...

How sick were some of those D. Howard dunks!! ill nasty!! The one where he bounced it with one hand off the back board and threw it down with the other?!! What?!! And how about your boy Ray Allen? Yo, after seeing them beat the spurs last week, I am a believer. They can win it all this year.