Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baron gets NYTimes run

Check APT favorite Baron Davis getting some press in the Sunday New York Times.

Scene sounds like APT on any given night...minus the pic of Laura Bush, of course...


W2 said...

NY Times folk have been reading APT to get ideas.

Much love Roomie for hosting another solid APT field trip. Beige sweaters, baltimore club, high school hoops, car crash ups, lost keys, rambling non sense. All in a nights work.

Coens will crush tonight at the Oscars. If there is any justice in the world Miss B will walk home with one for her Dylan performance.

El Manicero said...

Nice, Baron Davis gets even cooler. Good times fellows. I just got home. Car crash up? Oh, yeah!! With Silent Stoney Bob who followed us all night! I did find my keys. They were locked in my car, sitting pretty as you please on the drivers seat. All in a nights work. Happy Belated B day W2!

Good times.