Monday, May 19, 2008

Pablo Pierce - 41 Pts, 4 Reb, 5 Ast

Do you want him on your team? Yesterday you might have...

The most disagreed upon NBA player in APT history had the game of his career yesterday afternoon in Bean-town. So, big ups from Roomie to Paul and crew for gettin' it done against the LeBronaliers.

And as always, Boston's finest were in attendance...

Smile Don! You're sitting courtside at game 7 for godsakes!

His Brazilian hoochie put the wrong hat on him again. Which begs the question...who is more overrated, this guy or his girlfriend? (Only kidding...)

Just for fun...we'll take a I even need to say "click for larger"?

B or...


Neither make "the wall" at APT, but either way, Tommy's got his hands full!

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W2 said...

I am down with the ladies with the dark hair...but for G I might make an exception. Hollar. TB is nice, but you can't come into the garden with a SF...course homeboy has that weave going underneath and can't let that izzle see the bright indoor lights or it turns Greg Brady orange.

Roomie you are a class act. Eating a little Paul Pierce Crow. I hope he can keep it going during the Pistons series.