Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pitchfork TV

You need to check this. The Fork is expanding its grip on the indie music world. The station is currently featuring famed NYC cable access show, er exercise in chaos, TV PARTY.

Glenn O'Brien host of TV Party.

Pitchfork TV is hosts to tons of other cool videos and sets by Diplo, Fiery Furnaces, and Pagin the Devil fav, The Dirty Projectors. Enjoy.


El Manicero said...

Wanted to post about this but have been way too busy to post. I watched all the episodes of these last summer. My buddy came and stayed with me a week, and helped me paint, you met him. This shit is the bomb. I say we get our own public access show and F stuff up bee.

El Manicero said...

TV Party That is. "watched all the episodes of these".

W2 said...

I am following you homeboy. I would be game to start a show...Live from apt we would have dudes rappin and talking hoops and playing live instruments and singing and it would most likely be the coolest thing in the history of Portland Me.

Honey Bunny said...


they are currently rollin live footage of The Field. Dang they look like fun to catch.

Heads guitar show two weeks at Geno's. May 16th. I will be kickin with Dick Dale...who is in?