Sunday, May 11, 2008

"This One Goes Out To All the Baby's Mamas..."

Brace yourself friends of APT. On this merry Mother's Day, prepare to have your bellies decimated by laughter. These joints come by way of India's famed Bollywood (I think), supported by the ridiculous renderings of internet mysterio Buffalax; add ice and stir. Julie Kuceris of Four Walls Gallery gets all due thank-props for unearthing these tasty morsels.


Live from APT said...

Bollywood musicals have always freaked me out.

W2 said...

This stuff is straight up scary. I love some of the translations though.

Celtics are hurting buddy. They can't seem to play offense on the road. It is strange.

Girrrrrly Mannn Mannnn Mannnn