Thursday, May 15, 2008


No we are not talkin about the Fresh Prince's 2005 candy gram banger. This is the Maine Switch. A local, feel good, lifestyle weekly in Portland Maine.

APT family member and scribe B Ray has been lockin it down since day one. The girl has street cred. She is a graduate of the Sweet Valley High Ghost Writer University. Hell yeah! Think Rhodes Scholar meets lip gloss.

Recently she has been highlighting the work of some of APT's finest in her column entitled, Success Stories. Check articles about MAV and APT's version of Batman and Robin.


B Ray said...

I am so honored to be described as a member of the APT family, and while I didn't actually write "All Night Long," I am the proud author of such memorable Sweet Valley titles as "So Not Me," "Backstabber," and "Prom Night," which, let's face it, is pretty much "All Night Long" with a high school dance thrown in. If I write any more teen angst lit, I'll be sure to throw in a character named APT.

W2 said...

In case you haven't crossed paths with APTer RV, he looks exactly like that dude on the cover. All 'stache, all the time.

Thanks for dropping by Ms. Ray.

T-hatch said...

Backstabber was awesome! I've read it several times, as recently as last summer actually. Keep it up B-Ray!