Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Reverend Returns

The Celtics are not the only GREEN that gets my heart jumping.

Big Al is back in a major way with some help from APT legend Questlove. The new disc is jumping and the website is serious. Check it here.

While you save your pennies to pick up the full length, let APT take you back. Enjoy these slick old grooves. Can I get a witness!

People Get Ready

Tired Being Alone ft. Chicago

1 comment:

greg d said...


I see some striking resemblances between you and Al Green. Are you sure you're not cosmic brothers from another mother?

Also, in terms of other GREENS that get the heart jumping, don't forget about the green wax on a snow day, foot deep powder, sweet, sweet turns down the mountain. I know that gets MY heart jumping.

Be well brother. Great clips...