Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dream Team

Remember when these dudes laughed their way to Gold in 1992. I do. They didn't call one single time out during the enitre tourney. I think Chuck Daly got more PT than Christian Laettner, the only non-future hall of famer on the roster. Ouch!

So it is Olympic time again. The Amercian ballers led by Kobe and LeBron have a banger come 8AM Thursday morning. The Greek team busted them by six the last time they played. I won't be watching (Psuedo-Olympic Boycott based on Darfur, Tibet, pollution, 8 billion for the opening ceremony, and we don't get cable), but you should. And then tell me all about it. U-S-A! U-S-A!


El Manicero said...

I will definitely be checking some of this out in between tiling and painting. I thought about this whole spielberg boycott and was on board but then I thought about it and I think all the attention, all the exposure to China really will have a positive and changing effect, dialogue, lifting of internet censorship, spotlite on all the f'ed up stuff going on there, pollution, crime, repression, I think it does more good than just turning our collective backs on it all, in a nutshell. It's sort of like engagement, like Bush didn't do with most countries. Plus I feel like if we as a country boycotted and so did many others it would be punishing athletes who are not politicians. I don't know, I am not steadfast in this line of thought, but it is where I am at now...

Live from APT said...

I agree with el, the Olympics are on NBC.

China killled the Gymnastics competiton...and their crowds sound like a World Cup soccer game.

They need to get out of Tibet. Other than that, big ups to China.