Monday, August 25, 2008

Nerd Alert!!!

What is there to do in the Midwest? Well, if you're married with a little kid, it amounts to a big heap of nothing. But Nan and I try and find something to do together. So, as the night is closing to an end and Soph's bedtime is getting closer you can visibly see that we're starting to get anxious. Our eyes meet and we both smile a little smile. It's almost an unspoken routine. One of us puts Sophia down and the other gets things ready for our special time. Of course, I'm talking about World of Warcraft. Ah, yes, that beautiful MMORPG that has ruled my life for over a year. Just the mere mention of the game elicits a sigh and eyeroll from some of my best friends. But how can you deny something that's shilled by the likes of Mr. T and Billy Shatner? However, whatever your feelings on the game, what can not be denied is the quality of Blizzard's cinematics. Just this week they released the "trailer" to the upcoming expansion "Wrath of the Lich King". Imagine Aragorn in Lord of the Rings becoming obsessed with fighting the armies of the Undead, then in his obsession gets tricked and then possessed, becoming the leader of the undead armies. Such is the story of Prince Arthas. So, put aside any prejudice you might have towards the game and enjoy the beauty of the cinematic. Watch it in much better quality here.

Have I whet your appetite? Great. Then here's some video of me playing the game to the tune of Niacin and Primus. Enjoy!


Live from APT said...

That trailer is SCARY!

W2 said...


I want a full description of your character. All the gory details. Is he an elf, a she-male, dwarf, goblin, hobit. Give me the loot, give me the loot, give me the loot.

PS I am late to the train but I think I like Lupe Fiasco. At first I thought he sounded too much like Kanye, who I don't like uch, but now me thinks this fella has something significant to say, which is refreshing.


endofhicks said...

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W2 said...

I dont know about yall but I am def checking out Wold of Warcraft Bots. Is that like a sex thing?

PS Sox up 4-2. Hell yeah

The Drizzle said...

OK, I'm very suspicious about this seeing as just bringing up Warcraft brings me nothing but ridicule, but I also love talking about it, so here are the details:

My main character is a Blood Elf hunter named Kilborn (yeah, named after my favorite Daily Show host). His pet is a mountain cat named Murray (yeah, named after my favorite Flight of the Conchords manager). All my gear is epic. Wanna really dork out? Check out my armory page for my gear, skills, and rep.

I'm sure this has now killed my chance of ever being taken seriously here, but screw it!

W2 said...

I got your back dude. Let your dork hang out! Plus it is hard to hear the giggles through cyber space.

w2 said...

PS I am feelin that Mr. T spot.

The Drizzle said...

Oh, and by the way, check out endofhicks's blog. THAT guy is a dork. And the type of spam we gamers are used to.