Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Get up, stand up

This weekend my oldest got really sick. Like, she had a fever of 103. And she can't do any more than dancing. She's in bad shape. So, she's been confined to lying in bed and watching movies. She's recently been getting into stand-up comedy, and as I try and sway her from the sound-effecting of Dane Cook, I've been trying to show her the more "underground" folks like Morgan Murphy and the voice of Ratatouille. This of course let me introduce her to my favorite working comic: Zach Galifianakis. If you haven't heard or seen Zach, I encourage you to not walk, but run (for better health benefits) to get either The Comedians of Comedy or his solo release Live at the Purple Onion. IF you can find it (youtube has bunk), he also hosted his own show on VH-1 called Late World with Zach. It was genius. Here are some bits of his and an interview with his twin brother Seth.

He can also be seen in a couple of videos, like this one and this one. Enjoy.


Live from APT said...

"I rented 'The Importance of Being Ernest' the other night…first of all, I can’t believe they made ANOTHER Ernest movie…


W2 said...

Third clip is killer. Fugees and funions! Who is the NPR dude. Cory Flintoff? Kai Risdol? Where you at NRA?