Saturday, August 16, 2008

Putnam Murdock

Stop the presses APTers. Give some love to my boys. Especially you lovers of Americana and Old Time. This music represents a killer collaboration from one Putnam Murdock and my boyhood chum Tom Carlisle. The album is called Fiction.

I poached this pic from Urbanspecific Photostream. Thanks guys.

Tom dropped this email on me recently...

"Friends, Family, Freaks, Drunks (both current and former), and people who identify as Other,

As some of you know, for the past decade or so I've been collaborating on songs with my old pal Putnam Murdock. Well, at long last he's released a full length album entitled Fiction, which includes seven songs that I co-wrote. It is available at cdbaby as an actual physical disc, or if you're more of a digital download, song cherry-picker type it is also on iTunes.

The songs that contain my generally strange lyrical output are:

Bright Future, Arsonist's Son, Jersey Whiskey, Come Clean, Score, A Short One, and Holding Out

Themes include: The apocalypse, movies from the 1930s, gin, whiskey,
infidelity, bad karma, canines, unspecified lust, cocaine, and
heartbreak. The songs I'm not responsible for tend toward sentimental
love songs, so I guess that's what they call balancing things out."

What more needs to be said. You can listen for free at CD Baby. If you like what you hear reach into your pocket. Maybe we can bring these freaks to Maine.


Live from APT said...

This cat has a great voice...the 2nd track, "Up To You" is really good...

W2 said...

Come Clean rocks and it also shares the name of my favorite Jeru the Damaja joint.