Sunday, August 3, 2008

Slick Sven

Welcome back to RV and Dr. D. I am hoping we can get our pals to post some Alaska pics for all to see in the next few days.

I am headed into the Whites Mountains with my pal T-Hatch from pending. He is a french teacher and seriously heady dude who turned me onto this here chap Sven Libaek.

Sven is a modal jazz warrior who is only familiar to me due to Wes Anderson's crimally underrated (such a silly saying which I intend to overuse) masterpiece The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Looks like his stuff is being unearthed and repackaged. Check it.

Roomie, do you have any space in your crates for my man? Or is he already in there? Caught this last night. Kinda like Bev 90210 on crack.


Live from APT said...

This is DOPE. Where did you get it???

W2 said...

HE sent it to me in french from La Blog.

W2 said...

PS click that unearthed link and it should give you some more info.

Anonymous said...

This is something totally separate I thought Roomie would want to know about.
Your boy McConaughey is in it. Make sure u move the cursor over the whole page.

emily said...

who's the VT pal...a burlington res.?

roomie, are you coming to jj and diane's PIG ROAST this weekend??!

W2 said...

I got a crew of pals from Hanover/Sharon/Thetford/Lyme (many former Dartmouth kids).

My really good pal Even and his wife Colleen do live in B-Town (former PEace Corps volunteers who love to speak spanish and hike and run).