Thursday, January 24, 2008

Byebye Balloon

If you haven't already, check the link just to the left of this post called ByeBye Balloon. It is my friend Natalie...she paints. To me, her work is amazing and inspiring...

The item above is called "Nucleus" (click for larger).

Hometown: London
Things she is: artist, painter, designer, non-smoker
Type of laugh: a deep giggle
Weapons: notebook, water colors, humor

APT hopes to have some of her work for display @ Gilman soon.

In other news, click on items below for 90's fun...
Roomie's fav mosh pit song of all time
"A compliment for us is a compliment for you..."


mav said...

so cool to see nat's work here. nice, ryan.

W2 said...

65 East Oxford crew had their first mosh pit the other night. Long haired small children thrashing about to the Specials. Few elbows thrown, no stiches required.

As far as Singles goes, my favorite line is when B Fonda asks Dillon...

"Are my breast too small for you?" He pauses and says..."Sometimes."