Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silent Winter

There is a movement happening in Portland Maine. Slick venues hosting classic silent films with original scores crafted by local legends. Wednesday and Thursday night at One Longfellow Square Videoport icon Samuel James will kill it. He always does. This time, Buster Keaton's "The General" will acompany him.

Delta Blues...

Meets Slapstick...

PS Celts vs. Mavs 8 PM TNT. Roll Green.


emily said...

burlington has fallen in line with that movement too. i recall a viewing of 'metropolis' with a great score by my friends' improv post-rock band 'charles dead or alive.'

i do believe i met that samuel james cat at the movie store... sounds rad.

W2 said...

It was so good. Keaton is stellar. He is like the eye of a hurricane. So dead pan while chaos ensues. Nice.

Roomie made an appearance. Sitting in the way back cameo style like Paul Ruebens.

Em, I would love to see a silent film (Metroplis is excellent) with really progressive rockers.

The last Wednesday and Thursday of every month this theater is going to be making this happen.


Live from APT said...

Sam James...APT Hall of Famer!?!?!?

El Manicero said...

I used to go to a place in Cambridge to go see a great band accompany classic silent films too. It was quite cool. W2 you should have told me about this, although I probably wouldn't have been able to get away. (Don't have that many chips these days if you know what I mean. W2 knows.

El Manicero