Sunday, January 27, 2008

"With the Wind at Our Backs..."

New Years Eve 1997. I was a bloated long hair clad in a tie-dyed shirt worn hopelessly over a beige cable knit sweater. Stumbling the streets of Worcester, MA my posse and I encountered a large, obscenely drunken man. He had been jestisoned onto the pavement in front of us via an even larger bouncer. Me and the other Phishheads were horrified in that condescending Holden Caulfield type way. The man got up, looked into our eyes, took his shirt off, flexed, and started screaming "Who wants to shake the room?" We were stunned. It took me more than ten years to answer this question, but I think I got it. B.O. brings it. Again.


emily said...


I highly encourage all you Obama supporters to go to his volunteer website at and sign up to volunteer in the next few weeks. Feb 5th is going to be huge!!!You can help by calling already identified Obama supporters in states where primaries are happening, and remind them to go out and vote, among other tasks.

A friend and I made some calls to South Carolina friday--it was easy and a great way to help out. and look what happened!!

Live from APT said...