Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Creativity is creativity

I am definitely not a fan of commercials and rampant capitalism but I still appreciate a good commercial. Here is the first Ipod commercial. I love how it seems to have a much more developed narrative, maybe because it is introducing the soon to be iconic Ipod. And I think that the song it features is a Propelerhead song, adding to the creativity quotient. Whatever, the main thing is that it is cool.

and online... (cool in geeky tech world sense)



The Drizzle said...

Bought my first one at the Mall of America. Still have it. Doesn't work, but if that thing has come this far in 7 years, I can't wait for the next 7.

Live from APT said...

I think that dude dancing is KUMAR!

See Harold and Kumar! Movie of the week! Both of em!