Friday, October 24, 2008

"Ain't that Peculiar"

I am not talking about the fact that NBA GM's picked the Fakers over the Celtics....again. This is a hot joint by George Clinton and his Gansters of Love. The new album brings the interstellar groove back down to earth. A bit.

George Clinton & his Gangsters Of Love - Ain't That Peculiar

The studio version is a bit cleaner and features APT Hall of Famers El DeBarge and Sly Stone. Get it here.

In other news, Spin Magazine has scoured the internet to come up with the 25 best MGMT remixes. Roomie enjoy some inspiration as you work out your set for the Group Hug throwdown tonight at the Whiteheart.


Live from APT said...

This track is slick...Clinton still got it...

Anonymous said...

Did you check any of those MGMT remixes. I know you love those cats. I am hot and cold on remixes. It does represent alot of listening time....when there should be NBA time.