Monday, October 20, 2008

Warren Miller Style

Leaf peeping season has come and will soon be gone in Maine, as well as the rest of New England. Put your flip-flops away, stow away your bathing suits and snorkels, trade your shorts for long underwear, and get out your winter gear.

We at APT have mad respect for snow, snowmen, snowwomen, snow angels, snow tires, and sledding. But let's not forget about the snow riders on the team - the skiers, snowboarders, telemarkers, and snowplowers - EVERYTHING gets put on hold when the fresh powder drops! With luck we'll be making snowy turns before my senile neighbor finishes raking all his leaves, or before we all celebrate another Thanksgiving.

For many, the ski season doesn't REALLY kick off until Warren Miller's annual ski film comes to town. He's been at it since 1950, and they keep getting better, although in recent year's the old man has "passed the reigns" to a certain degree. It ain't what it used to be. This year the film's called "Children of Winter" and it's coming to a theater near you. Don't miss this film! It's exciting, with breathtaking footage of epic mountain terrain and mentally insane riders, all with a death wish. There are ski bunnies - also doing mad tricks and jumps - as well as in-depth and up-close footage behind-the-scenes, where all the planning takes place (a.k.a. "the bar"). And while you won't see W2 or Dr. D doing half the shit you'll see in the film (except the noontime beers), you will be inspired to tighten up your skills and improve your game.

Check the trailer, wax your skis, and pray for snow!


W2 said...

...and pray for more snow. And while you are at it, check out the all east coast filmaking posse called These guys are the shit.

Live from APT said...

when is this film?

W2 said...

Roomie, the new headliner looks like some smooth jazz album cover. I love it.

Will APT be open next Thursday for Cleveland vs The Celtics?