Saturday, October 11, 2008

DJ Z-Trip presents "The Party for Change"

We at APT have been known for our skills on the wheels of steel for some time. Whether it be the 80's mixtape sessions in Roomie Rock's living room, or The Duke dropping the sweet, sweet funkified freshness, or even W2 scratching invisible 1200's in the passenger seat of your car, APT digs the vinyl mix.

Arizona-born DJ Z-Trip has been on the vinyl scene for some time. While yet to return our invites to spin a house party at APT, Z-Trip has instead been preoccupied supporting our boy Barry Obama. Check this free mixtape download entitled "The Party for Change".

Here's a great clip as well showing Z-Trip live and up-close:


Anonymous said...

Great post Dr. D! Thank for the Z Trip.

W2 said...

Dr. D, they shut down your vid. Need to post another.

Dr. Duke M.D. said...

great post...where did you find this? oh wait... i know