Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rockanomics-Can you see my big smirk?

From the website front page: - the pro-American, pro-Military, conservative online rock journal and music community will relaunch this fall 2008. We’ll be jam packed with music reviews, downloads, interviews and articles — about our military heroes, their tremendous successes in the war on terror, and how the changing pop culture effects your life. Plus, there’s great trivia, discussions, blogs, and a special 9/11 tribute.

We’ll be taking on the pathetic bands, magazines, newspapers, and media that constantly slams the country and the president — the global warming quagmire, terrorist sympathizers, conspiracy theorists, and lowlife politicians that undermine our country.

We’ll also have a few things you won’t find in any other music journal - like tips on great careers and business advice to help you share in the American dream!

We’re currently working out the details to contribute a portion of the subscription fees to military charities, and you’ll be able to join our partner program and put ongoing monthly cash in your pocket!


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Anonymous said...

We also have great features like ways to comvince ignorant people that we typically exploit to let us exploit them some more.

El Man, is this your return from the Blogging abyss.

In light of your return, I will now drop some much needed funk/