Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Stay Ready...

...ain't got to get ready."

Regardless of the Red Sox being in the playoffs, Obama holding steady, and the Pats trying to find their rhythm, I am always READY for basketball season.

Check this sneaker spot featuring Billups, Jordan Farmar, Dwight Howard, TD, KG, and Josh Smith. They even let Sebastian Telfair play. This pick-up game looks exactly like the Team APT run over at Reiche school during those long winter nights.

APT got next.

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Live from APT said...

Best hoop post ever.
No PP...but Farmar!? Where's Rondo and Sam Cassell? Man, they worked D Fish, Vujacic and Farmar in the finals. I still can't believe those jokers won. I called the Lakers for sure...and the C's showed up...even after playing quite a few games to get there...while the Lake coasted into the finals...the team to beat this year for sure...