Thursday, October 30, 2008

Countdown to the election...with sweet potato pie!

It's a well-known fact that the folks at APT love pie. It's also probably pretty well known by know, that we (I'm pretty sure this is unanimous) also support Barack Obama. It's a good thing too, because our Democratic nominee ALSO has a love for that great American dessert.

The ladies over at Nothing-in-the-House are hosting 'The Great Obama Sweet Potato Pie (Presidential) Contest' in honor of these mutual loves. In the final days before the election, support your candidate by hosting an Obama pie party-- make and eat some delicious sweet potato pie (extra points if you have an Obama or political themed crust design) and get out the vote: call folks in your community, knock on doors, volunteer to drive someone to their polling place, or make sure everyone has a fair chance to vote at the polls (info on ways to lend a hand on Obama's website.

Document those efforts--pie and political, and we'll post a montage on the pie blog.

Obama: A lot of people have been saying they can make sweet potato pie.


W2 said...

I will make a pie and bring that ishtar to the place where the Obama folks work hard and I will spread some APT/Pie in the Sky type love.

Always happy to see your words up in the spot!

emily said...


Thanks Ward, always nice to see your kind comments!!

The Drizzle said...

Don't forget, he also likes to share his toys and his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.