Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christopher David Ryan

It is a treat to call this incredible artist a Portlander and a friend. He arrives by way of Texas and New York City, floating into town on the wings of love. Just the way we APTers like it. Do yourself a huge favor and check out his work.

Pic poached here!
New Obama poster (Debate III is tonight!) here!
Tons of fun stuff here!
And a killer collab with MAV here!

PS watch Kobe get his ankles broken by the Beno Udrih. Moments later Udrih offers a cigarette to teamate Shelden Williams who immediately calls former coach Mike Krzyzewski and asks him what he should do.


CDR said...

This guy is a total poser!

Live from APT said...

"On the Wings Of Love" is a classic WNUA smooth jazz cut...Jeffery Osbourne's finest hour, 2nd only to this.

Check the dope wallpaper from CDR for your computer or iPhone here

That Kobe clip is good...check the reaction from the Utah dope...