Monday, October 6, 2008


When not brewing up cosmic concoctions in the lab, or taking "sick days" to make snowy turns with W2, or saving the world from evil orc invasions, Dr. D hangs out with over-fed and over-caffeinated teens in a place we like to call school...

Traditionally we were taught - as teachers, parents, and even kids - that comics were amateur, childish, and certainly not quality reading material. All the more reason to read them, collect them, and spend our hard-earned allowance on them we told ourselves. As it turns out, if you start calling them "graphic novels," they suddenly gain street cred, and you can even get your department head to order a few dozen copies.

Check Persepolis folks. It's entertaining, historical, and educational. It's Iranian history meets coming of age, in a format we all love...

Furthermore, it's now available on film. And if you're scared of the French audio, or hate reading subtitles, don't worry! You can change the language settings to English, and eliminate the subtitles, only to be graced by the sweet vocals of Sean Penn and Iggy Pop. Enjoy!

And for those of you to whom Persepolis is old news, check this other graphic novel, high on Dr. D's list, and soon to be in APT's permanent archive:


W2 said... it was fortold in the book of legends. Welcome to OZ.

The geek squad is getting larger.

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Herr/ Monsieur Hinman said...
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T'oh! said...

Let me try again, under a different alias. clever, huh?
keep up the good work, ya'll!

go sox 3-1 adevance to alcs angels got pwnd

Herr/ Monsieur Hinman said...

btw still haven't seen Persopolis. But it is in my NF queue and will see it hopefully soon. Et mon premier raison pour le regarder, c'est le son fran├žais. Tu me feelin'?