Friday, October 10, 2008


I stumbled home last night from a sophisticated APT engagement to find my better half snuggled up with a recently purchased copy of New Moon. For those not in the know, this is book two of Stephanie Meyer's ongoing Twilight series. These books are eveywhere and the movies are forthcoming. So fans of Buffy, rest easy knowing that the vampire-fantasy-teen melodrama is alive and well.

The plot follows two young lovers, one with fangs (the fella) and one without (the lass). As far as I can tell, this seemingly well meaning series is actualy exploiting the primal urges of women around the world, which is unfair.

You see, the ladies dig mysterious dudes that look, act, or are in fact, monsters. Hence my wolf-like appearance (Me gusta el tablon de mar). It is no secret that I have been knocking 'em dead for years. Additionally, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is a major player. He makes Don Juan look like Don Rickles...

But would Frankenstein or yours truly try and make money off of this? Not likely. Shame on you Miss Meyer. Read away folks, but you have been warned!

Here is the trailer for the first film.

Consider these fine vampire films for your viewing pleasure....
1. Near Dark (Scary)
2. Once Bitten (Silly)
3. Nosferatu (Classic)
4. Salem's Lot (Maine Connection)

...and if you missed it, read my ladies most recent Switch article. It is dramaculous.

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